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7 years ago

Getting error when try to resister host name using Test Agent.


After QAC upgraded from V11.2 to 11.5,(Saas client to On-Premise client,I mean url also changed ).

Then i tried to register host name using new URL in Test Agent but got error like 'Unable to register Test Agent'(Please refer screen shot)

URL:http://xxxxx/rest-api/service,    here 'xxxxx' is my server name. 

My QAC account is also non-Active Directory .


Previous  Test Agent configuration was working fine for me in QAC(11.2,Saas client) but its not working in QAC(11.5,On -premise).Even i confugred setting for On-Premise but failed to register.

Any solution for this please let me know?



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    Please create a Support Case for this problem. We'll need to collect additional details about the behavior you face to investigate the issue with our R&D team. For starters, please send us the Test Agent logs from the problematic host. 

    To collect this info, you need to enable logging for Test Agent on the host. For this:

    1. Run <Test Agent Installation>\Bin\TestAgentSettings.exe utility.

    2. Click "Advanced Settings..." and on the "Misc" tab enable the "Collect Test Agent execution logs" option.

    3. Close the utility.

    4. Reproduce the issue.

    5. Run the TestAgentSettings.exe utility and under "Advanced Settings..." > "Misc" click "Generate Report".

    6. Disable the "Collect Test Agent execution logs" option and close the utility.

    7. Send us the generated report.