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13 years ago

Feature Request: Add Test Details to Test Runner

My team really likes the Test Runner function in QAComplete. However, when running through test case steps, we frequently have to click the link "Review Test" to find pertinent information for the case.

It would be nice if either the "Review Test" case details displayed on the steps page or if the steps page was customizable to include information we need to keep referring to. We have several custom fields (Business Process, User ID, Business Unit) that we keep having to reload/refer to that would be nice if they displayed by default.

(Yes, we have considered adding these things to the first step in each case, but in a large project in which we've already imported thousands of steps & hundreds of cases, this would be very time consuming and inconvenient.)

Thank you for your consideration!


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  • Hi Lesley -

    Glad you like the Test Runner function, that's great to hear.

    I'll pass your suggestions to the team for review as a possible enhancement. Thanks for the input, we do appreciate it!