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13 years ago

Dropdown values can be editted in ALM


I am able to edit the dropdown values in Defect Module. I can also submit with changes made by editting the dropdown value. Then after, it behaves in a weird way. So far, I faced two issues, after submitting the changes.

1. Status of the defect is been changed automatically.

2. Got the dialogue box asking to use IE. But I am using IE only.

Please, let us know, how to get rid of this issue.

Thanks and Regards,

Ananthi Ramachandran

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  • Hi Ananthi,

    To change Status values, use the Actions drop down and select Manage Choice Lists. This screen will show you all fields that use a Choice List in Defects and you can add or edit any value, then click Submit Changes.

    The only process that will automatically change a Status is in Workflow: do you have any Workflow defined for Defects? You can find Workflow by going to Setup / Screen Layouts - select Defects (or any other area) then click on Workflow and State Transitions.

    I'm not I understand the dialog box that you describe. Could you grab a screen shot please?