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14 years ago

Defect owner of defect created from a failed test case

Currently (I assume by default) if a test cases is failed and a defect is created, the owner is the person who was the owner of the test case.  The QA team generally execute regression test cases and when creating a defect from a failed test case, want to be the owner of the defect so they can track it.  Where is this configured?

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  • Hi Darren,

    Currently that is a system-controlled option and we don't have a configuration for it. But I like your suggestion and will submit it as a potential enhancement. It would be cool to decide which user you want to own the Defect - the Test Case owner, the user who fails the test or some other user.

    Thanks for the input!
  • It would be nice to have the option.  At the moment when a defect is created you can default a field (such as owner) to a particular user or the person logged in.  Another option of "test case owner (if defect created from a failed test case)" would be nice.
  • Since we are redesigning the test management features in a release later this year (Release 9.7), I will make a note about this since we are designing those features now.   We may be able to accomodate that in the release later this year.