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13 years ago

Customer Releases

Is there a recommended method of tracking what customer has what release of software?

What we would like to do is have a table/list stating what customer has what software and what release and when it was released to them.

We can use a custom list but that doesn't appear to allow linking to releases - is there a way to allow this?

Can you advise please?


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  • Hi Andrew -

    Contacts and custom Lists cannot be linked to Releases, as you've seen. A Customer wouldn't "belong" to a Release the same way a Defect or Requirement would.

    We suggest setting up a separate Custom List for your Release information. This would contain the full, identifiable Release Name and any other details about that Release that you might want. Then on the Contact or Customer List, create a custom field based on the Release Name list, perhaps another custom field for Date Delivered or Date Installed - whatever other details you might need.

    Hope this helps!