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13 years ago

Custom field choice list with sublist based on sql

Anyone know if there is a way to set up sublists such that not selecting an item still applies the items already selected?

E.g., With 2 levels:

1. first level combo box displayed

2. select an item

3. second level combo box displayed

4. Click submit without selecting an item

EXPECT: field value set to code1

ACTUAL: field value not updated

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  • Hi Ken!

    Funny, this Choice List with Sublist is coming up a lot lately.

    It's important to understand that this really is only one field. Even though you select a value, you get a second field, select a value....the only thing being stored is that final value.

    So in your scenario unfortunately you get nothing.

    This might help:

    There are a couple of examples there that show what this will (and won't) do.

    Let me know if that helps!
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    Thanks. I have already seen the user guide and had actually been working from that second example. What caused me to believe it may be possible to use the code from the second level selection was that in the example pains are taken to actually define it. Why, I thought, define Code2 as Field1+' | '+Field2 unless something uses the value?

    It is unfortunate that it also suffers from silent failure when not applied.

    I can see why it would work that way for ease of implementation. But if only the field value were set at each selection level, it would have worked!