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13 years ago

Curency symbol(s) for Costs

I've noted the $ symbol is forced in "cost" tabs, and it seems it cannot be modified in any "setup" option (am I wrong?)

We use Euro [€] and it is important have reports and panels showing the right currency symbol.


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  • Hi Sergio!

    Nice to hear from you :)

    I'll have to add this to our list of issues for language and unicode support, sorry to say...
  • ....OK

    But, please, mark it as "urgent".

    "Money" information are very often inserted in formal/extermal (=for high-level managers, administrators, or external organizations too) documentations or persentations.

     Many current localizations constarints or limits of ALMCompelte could be noted and quite tolerate (dates and time formats, stressed chars, ...)  by technical people (proj.managers too), but other information should be clearly and quickly understood by no-technical people.

    Showing "$" instead than Euro sign "€" is a big problem in this scenario. I cannot tell (for long time) administrators that our (most) important development tool cannot output money-value in "Euros", or that any import with "$" should be interpreted as "Euro"... it could be a mess...