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12 years ago

Cross-project Reporting: How to Do It?

In the manuals for ALM Complete, there is at least one reference to specifying cross-project reporting, but I haven't been able to find anything that explains how to do it? Has anyone ever set this up?

Here is my situation. My company has several different software product lines. We want to keep them as separate projects within ALM Complete. Every month when Microsoft releases software updates (patch tuesday), we have to verify that our software products are not adversely affected by Microsoft's updates.

The specific requirements and test procedures are different for each of our product lines, so we want to keep those requirements and tests properly associated with their "local" products. But the Windows update tests occur every month, so it makes sense to define that as a distinct project. We want to use this project as a central point for testing and reporting. That is, we want the Windows Patch project to link to the requirements and tests within each of the specific software projects and the results of those monthly tests, but the Windows Patch project has very few, if any, requirements and tests of its own. Any suggestions?