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8 years ago

Create new test run via REST-API / Upload test results when a TC run was not started by QAComplete


We are currently evaluating integrating our already existing automated TestComplete test runs into QAComplete.

The problem is, that our TestComplete test runs will not be launched using QAComplete because a schedule or a manual start is not feasible for us. Instead we already integrated the TestComplete test runs into our continous integration build system. Whenever a new build is created, the CI server launches the corresponding TestComplete projects to test these new builds.

But of course we also want to see these test runs and its results and log files in the corresponding test item in QAComplete in order to have all the results of either manual or automatic tests aggregated in QAComplete.

I already read the article about how to write test agents ( and understood that it is possible to set the status of a test run or upload the test logs to a test run via REST-API.
However all those methods require a test run id. As far as I understood, a test run id is created by QAComplete whenever a schedule or a user wants to start the tests.

But because our test suites are not launched via QAComplete, there are no pending test runs and therefore also no test run ids.

So I am looking for a REST-API call to tell QAComplete: My test agent is now starting a new test run. Please create one in your database and return its id so that the test agent can use this id in the subsequent calls for setting the result and uploading the logs.
So, is there such a method in the REST-API or even SOAP-API?
Or how can I alternatively post back TestComplete test runs/results into QAComplete, when they are launched by external mechanisms and not QAComplete itself?

Thanks in advance!