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9 years ago

Configuration screen in QAComplete

Hi there,


Could someone help me to find the configuration screen in QAComplete. I don't see it at all. I've checked Screen Layouts folder in the System Configuration as well...but there is no configuration layout. Are there any permisions to activate this screen?

Thank you.


Please find attached the spreedshet with my current configuration

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    Hi Aleks,


    To be able to see the Configurations screen under Test Management you need to have at least read access to the Configurations. Please ask your system administrator to check the security rights for you in a corresponding project.


    To check the security rights for a security group do the following:

    1. Go to Setup | Security | Users and click Manage Security Rights for a problematic user.

    2. Notice a Security Group for a corresponding project for this user.

    3. Then go to Security Groups under the Security and click Manage Security Rights for the corresponding group.

    4. Check access to the Configurations in the Test Management section:

    5. You can allow read or full access to Configurations for this group or move a problematic user to another group (if users from this group aren't supposed to have access to Configurations).


    After that you should be able to get to the Configurations screen in QAComplete.



    Customer Care Team