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12 years ago

Composing email and discussions

Our team is just learning ALMComplete. One member was asked to look at the in-tool email capability. He raised the following questions about the editor that appear when one creates an email or discussion.

  1. There is no way to save an email once you start it. So you are in a bit of trouble if you get interrupted. He is accustomed to Outlook and other email tools that let you work on a draft, save it and come back later.

  2. Insert image - there is no browser to get to your image. Tried to enter a 'source; location but it could not figure out how to get it to work.

  3. Insert table - nothing ever appears. Tried various sizes.

  4. Bookmark - again, nothing ever goes into the body of the email. Can paste into the Name but cannot type in the other large box

  5. Hyperlink - can put things into some fields but never get anything into the email after pressing 'insert'

  6. Maybe something is fouled up in our installation but as of now I can only recommend that we use the in-tool email for very simple communications. During evaluation of the tool we thought this would be a strong feature, but clearly we didn't test it out too much during our trial period.

Please advise on what we may be doing wrong.

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