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10 years ago

Can't Find the Option to Stop the Test Agent from Logging Off Windows When Running Automated Tests.



In the Test Automation Integration w/ Test Management document from Smart Bear, it states the following:

"The Test Agent can be set to logg off windows on the Host machine......There is an option on the configuration form to first check if that user is current logged in, and avoid the log out process."


I'm unable to find option on the configuration form assuming the documentation is referring to Test Management | Configurations.


The documentation screenshots show a checkbox in the Test Agent setup that I am not seeing on any page when I go through the wizard.


I found what I was looking for.  Thanks!


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    /hi William,


    Could you please explain on where you could find that option as i do fail to find the same.

    Please share any screens that may aid in finding it.


    Many Thanks