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9 years ago

Cannot view defects in QAComplete



After using QAConnector to sync QAComplete and Jira sucessfully, when I click one defect, it shows nothing like below. Please help. Anyone could point out what may cause the problem? Thank you very much.





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  • Hello,


    Which JIRAConnector version are you currently using? Also are you using the QAComplete SaaS edition or Enterprise? If you still experience this issue, please open up a support case at: and provide us with the following information:


    - QAC SaaS or Enterprise
    - JIRAConnector Version
    - Export your Synchronization Log and attach it to the case (.log file). To export the log, switch to the Synchronization Log tab and click the 'Export log' button at the bottom
    - Exported the Synchronization Profile. To export your profile, open the JIRA Connector > Stop the Service, select your profile in the dropdown, click Manage, select your profile, click Export.


    Thank you,