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13 years ago

Blocked scripts in a Test Set

I have 8 or so scripts loaded into a Test Set. When I began executing the 1st script I found a critical defect (for that script) and logged it. The rest of the steps in the script were blocked. As they should be. My problem is that I could not continue on with the rest of the scripts in the Test Set. The only way around this was to fail the blocked steps in the script (what is an incorrect status as the steps have not failed).

My question is: is there a way to mark steps as "blocked" and still complete the script (so I can move on to the next script in the Test Set)?

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  • Hi Matthew,

    Yep, that's a problem.

    Right now it stops you completely when you really need to move forward. We will have that corrected soon so you can fail the critical step/fail that test, then continue to the next test.
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    when you say, loaded 8 scripts into a test set are you saying you can load automation scripts into test sets ??

    i thought this was not supported in QAComplete

    i have the latest version of QAComplete but i cant add automation scripts into test sets.
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    I wanted to find out if this issue was indeed fixed yet, because we are experiencing the same problem.  We cant find a way to block just a test case, we have to block the whole test set.