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14 years ago

Best Practices for Library Management

There has been a lot of discussion and points of view in our QA department on how to best manage a test case library. My thought on the library is that not every test case should be stored in a library, only items you plan to reuse frequently. I'm just curious if anyone has any advice or solutions that work for them.

How does your team avoid duplication in the library? What's the approach on organizing?

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  • Hi Jason -

    Most people organize the Test Library by functional area to make it easy to find test cases for specific areas of your software.

    Whether you put all test cases in the library or just re-useable ones, well, we have seen it done both ways.

    The advantage of putting all test cases in the library is it gives you the opportunity to re-use them later even if it doesn't look like you'll need them now. The disadvantage is as you've said - it could clutter up the library.

    Another way to consider organizing test cases is by separating the library in Reusable and Non-Reusable - that way you still have them but they are separated out to keep out of the way.

    It could look something like this:

    +  Test Library

    -- + Reusable

    ----+ Functional Area 1

    ----+ Functional Area 2


    ----+Functional Area 1

    ----+Functional Area 2

    + Test Runs

    --+Release 1.0

    --+Release 2.0

    --+Release 3.0