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14 years ago

AutoGenID - how to change to separate ID for each project OR not auto-generated

I have a small issue.  At first I wanted my Ids for Test Cases, Defects and Requirements to be auto generated but quickly noticed that the auto generated Id's for each project increment, but not separately.  For example, when I create a new test case in  Project 1 the ID=1.  If  I create a new test case in Project 2 it's ID # is 2, so on and so on.  This will not work for my purposes - I can't see any number gaps in my projects (especially for Requirements).

  1. Is there a way to separate these (auto gen IDs for each project)?  If so, how do I set this up? 

  2. If not, how can I change this back so the ID is NOT auto-generated... and then what behaviour can I expect when not using this?

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    Hi Kary,

    There is not a way to change how the IDs are auto-generated within SoftwarePlanner products.  We have an item in our product backlog for a future consideration to allow more flexibility with how IDs are generated per project.  At this time, IDs are automatically generated at the database level, regardless of the project.