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11 years ago

ALMComplete pages load slowly if at all

I have one coworker having issues with ALMComplete loading the list of requirements/defects. We've tried multiple browsers but none of them seem to help. Anyone know what would be causing the issue? If there are no items in the list, then it will not sit and load. It only sits on "Please wait" when there is data to display. 

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    Sorry, I have no idea but I have exactly the same problem. I've tried different browsers, different machines, clearing the cache... but I just can't view my tasks or requirements. Any folder that has >0 items in it just causes the page to sit there in an infinite loop, with the old "please wait" wheel spinning merrily around. Doesn't seem to affect the defects tab in my case...

    It's only started happening today for me...
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        Since the original posts from 2013 we have made many improvements. Please provide us with more information if you are still experiencing slowness/performance issues:


        - Are you using our SaaS or On-Premise edition?
        - At what date & time (specify your time-zone) did you experience the issue?
        - If you see any errors in the application, please provide us with a screenshot.
        - What browser (name, version) are you using? Does it happen with another browser?
        - Do other users in your company experience the same issue?
        - Do you experience this issue only with a specific Project?
        - What were you doing or trying to do when you experienced the Performance issue?
        >> Examples: switching to a specific application tab, adding/editing an item (Defect, Test, Test Set, etc.), adding an attachment to an item, running a Test or a Test Set, etc.