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10 years ago

Adding SEQ Test Steps to Test Case

Issue - Unable to add new SEQ steps from the filter box under edit test steps mode. 

I have numerous amount of similar test cases that needs the same test steps added. When I am under the edit test steps mode, I am trying to filter for a test case that have the test steps I am needing. The problem is the filter only shows my old test steps and can not populate steps from the test case I need. 


1. Open up test case

2. Go to steps tab

3. Edit steps

4. Check filter box

5. Unable to filter to test case I need steps from to add to new test cases

If anyone could help on this matter it will greatly be appreciated. I have over 100 regression test cases that have similar end-to-end steps that needs to be added. I would hate to do this manually. 


Allconnect QA Team