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13 years ago

A custom field (dropdown) based on another field's name

I am trying to create a custom field (dropdown) in a Test that is based on another field.

I would like to use for that custom field a list of Titles of all Releases that have been created.  Now, every field from the Release is available, except the Title? Am I missing something?

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  • Hi Rino!

    Sorry, I missed your post earlier - apologies for the delay.

    The Release Name is actually a 'combined' field - we take the Release Folder + Release Name + Iteration or build (if it exists).

    You can associate any artifact with a Release by using Traceability, if that helps - and you can also define a 'link type' so you can link things up with a type.

    For example, in Defects you may want to know which release the issue was "Found In" and then which one it was "Resolved In".

    Hope that helps!

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      Hi Barbara,


      I have a dropdown custom field called "Initiative Name". 

      By mistake, I deleted the field.

      I recreated the field and added back the entries in the "Selectable Items" box.


      Now when I open the old reviews, the "Initiative Name" field is not there.

      When I try to create new views, the "Initiative Name" field is available with the values added after the field was recreated.


      We need to restore the old custom field. Could you please help?