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2 years ago

Testing Tiers

We notice significantly better results (response times etc)  when using Tier 3 vs Tier 1 for load testing.  With this is mind does this suggest that there may be hardware recommendations that we should be making to clients to see better performance? If so what sort of 'specs' would we suggest to have the performance as Tier 3.


Hope this makes sense.

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  • Hi alicedgar,


    Some advanced applications might require more resources than simple ones. Due to that, we implemented the feature to allow you to choose from a few different tiers that you could use during the load test. We also allow you to start a free benchmark test to determine which machine would be the best for your application. You can find more about this in our documentation: 



    In case you face any issues, feel free to contact us by creating a support case, and providing us with more details.