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2 years ago

Load testing 2 browser tabs and video



I'm looking to load test the browser based video conferencing funcionatlity of my company's product. This requires one browser tab to be open to start one side of the video and another to start the connection. This video conferencing then needs to stay open for a while and we want to reproduce this at scale to see how many 1:1 connections we can manage.


1. Does LoadNinja support multiple tabs recordings?

2. Does it support browser based video?

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  • Hi Obrancov,


    It is possible to open a new tab in LoadNinja if it is opened automatically after accessing the video. You can later navigate between the two tabs in the script. 


    LoadNinja supports browser video, it should work fine if it doesn't require any extension. If possible, I advise you to test the application in a trial to see how it works with LoadNinja.