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12 months ago

Databank continuous run option?

I have a list of data in a databank and I am wondering  is there a way to get LoadNinja to run through all of the data in a continuous run. Maybe a loop option? Or do I have to just keep playing the UI script recording to run through each piece of data in the databank? If there is no way for the continuous run to be done I would like to know that as well. 

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      No I have not do you have any advice?


  • Hi cspikes,


    In the recorder, you can playback the script with a databank configured to run in random order. With each reply, LoadNinja will choose a random value from the databank. The databank configuration is applied to the script in the load test. 


    LoadNinja cannot run in a loop in the recorder to go through all records in the databank.