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12 years ago

Solution: McAfee On-Access Protection/Scanner interferes in Results Analysis from Generators

I have McAfee Virus protection software running on my load controller and generators.

This includes the McAfee On-Access Protection and On-Access Scanner.

Apparently LoadComplete's TCP communication from Controller to Generators and vice-versa is snagged by McAfee. This would result in post-run result analysis taking anything from 2 to 4 hours to complete.

Needless to say, the Task Manager showed McShield.exe taking up to 50% of processor utilization on these machines.

Turning off the On-Access Protection and On-Access Scanner from the VirusScan Console application resulted in immediate collation of results. See attached image for details.

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    Hi Suresh,


    Have you tried adding LoadComplete.exe and RAS.exe to McAfee's list of exceptions? I think this will be a better solution.