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7 years ago

Random think time value setting


What is the Industrial recommended random think time for load testing and stress testing?

I mean What is the random think time that we need to set it in loadcomplete for load testing? and same as Stress testing



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    There is no any standards. Think time depends on your application and your testing purposes.

    It is very flexible parameter. For some scenarios (if we want to simulate users behavior) we use random values, some tests are running without think time at all (e.g. if we want to decrease the testing time).

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      purugantiramesh wrote:

      Usually Dashboard kind of application what could be the Think time?


      Only you can know, how many time user spends on your dashboard and what he does there, and do you need fully simulate his behavior or not. 


      Say, you can define the random time in range between minimum and maximum time, that user spend between his actions. If you already have such kind of analytics.