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4 years ago

Question for Continuous Load Settings

Hello support team,


I am a newbie and I am using Load complete for web login capacity. I have a question a Continuous Load Settings.

I recorded  a video for login/logout scenario in my web, then run this test with multi virtual users and in Continuous Load tab, I select steady load and enable time with 5 minutes.

When running with 10 users, I can see messages in my server which  indicates 10 users login/out properly, but when running with 90 users, I only see around 20 users login/out. I expect to see 90 users for this case. Do you know why it only shows 20 users? 

Not sure if 5 minutes is enough time to send request for 90 users (probably not), if so how the loadComplete work in this case? , can we reply on results with 5 minutes ? or we need to increase the time to 30 minutes or more to allow the loadComplete to complete to send requests for 90 users


I also tried to disable continuous load, then when I run 30 users, it take around 30 minutes, then my server look hung, the loadComplete reported "timeout" error


Do you why I run 90 users with 5 minutes, loadComplete reported "Passed"

but run 30 users with disable "Continuous load", -- LoadComplete reported errors 


Thank you so much!!!


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