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12 years ago

performance test more than 2 servers at a time

Loadcomplete monitors 2 servers at a time.  If you have an environment that has more than 2 servers that include  2 - 3 webserver farm, atleast 2 app servers and a db server could you suggest a best practice (or your thoughts) for  an end to end performance test and correlate all the results to see where the bottleneck is?

What are the current Loadcomplete users doing? I would be very interested to hear from them.

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    Dear Teddy:

    LoadComplete can monitor any number of servers at a time.

    The new project dialog has options for two servers.

    If you need to monitor more than two, you'll need to add appropriate metrics later on, using the Counters menu.

    As usual, Interactive Help to the rescue.

    Click on the Select Servers and Metrics to be Monitored topic, and not only does it explain the steps, it also opens the appropriate runtime chart view, where you can add your hosts and metrics for those.

    Hopefully this answers the question, else please post a follow up and we'll provide more details.

    Happy load testing!
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    Hi Teddy,

    Just to be clear, you can access the counters menu by right-clicking on Load Testing in your project explorer and selecting EDIT/RUNTIME GRAPHS.   Next, right-click on one of the charts, and select COUNTERS.  

    From here, you can add additional counters.

    Please let us know if you have been successful.

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    Iam surprised that none at even SmartBear can take a stab to answer this question. If you cant convince and educate potential users about how you would go about this limitation, Iam not sure who else would?