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8 years ago

Page Load Time Graph Illegible

I created a test case up to 250 users with a load profile incrementing stepwise starting with 1 and adding another user every second. Looking at my runtime graph that shows Page Load Time, it started with 0.521 load time, then naturally started to increase as more users were added. Strangely though the load time increased as high as 79 seconds, but the entire test scenario only ran under 5 minutes with 18 instances of load times of ~79 sec/load. I am unable to understand these metrics, could someone please assist me.



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    If I got your question right...

    Requests are generated not sequentially but in parallel. And 79 seconds is less than 5 minutes (300 seconds). So I understand your result like this: starting from some load, server sometimes needs more time to respond to some (or the same) requests and this causes page to load slower. I think that you need to identify slowest request(s) for those slow pages and analyze what makes them (requests) to be that slow. (This might be sub-optimal database query, memory load, paging (swap file) delays, etc.)