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10 years ago


We were tasked to build a mobile application which we’re doing Performance and Testing now, and were trying to process a use case after logging into the app, but got stopped cold. This is a performance and load test using LoadUIWebPro.  What we would be looking for is the issues that the team ran into when trying to store/pass variables or header level information (ex. Tokens) in their recording of their performance test.  Often times, there is some special configuration required to ensure that this information can be defined so that the P/L test can be properly executed. LoadUIWebPro. Here’s what happened according to the team:


  • The client has had the product for months without success

  • Engaged Support

    • Issue escalated to Mgmt

    • Nothing for 2 weeks

    • After they parameterized tokens and a couple of things

    • LoadUI couldn’t execute

    • Parametized some more things

    • Product worked for 1 user (able to login and process use case)

  • Introduced 2nd user, but didn’t work

    •  b/c using the same token for both users

    • 6-7 warning msgs before error

  • Used same userid/password for both users


Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


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