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12 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] WebLoadUI Report | Issue/Clarification



When the load test report is generated it seems like the section 'Pages and Page Resources' is displaying wrong information.


In my script, if I view by 

 - 'Group by Pages' displays 18 pages

 - 'Group by Connections' displays 20 connections

 - 'No Grouping' displays 134 requests. 


Based on my understanding all these 134 requests will be made over 20 connections. Is that right?


Coming back to the actual problem. When the test execution is completed by 2 virtual users, the report is generated. In the "Summary" page under "Errors/Warnings", I could see like "Total Errors       0 (view)".


Question #1

In that report under 'Executed Scenarios->By Scenario', I am finding like.

Executed Scenarios                      Scenarios      Percent

Errors                                                  2                       100%

But when checked the messages tab, all the icons are in green (OK). On further analysis within the messages tab, I could see around 4 messages for each virtual user like "Virtual user "Virtual user (1)": The connection was closed." & "Virtual user "Virtual user (2)": The connection was closed."

However it seems like all the 134 requests were made by each virtual user and received the response properly. This is confirmed by number of messages in 'messages' tab. Total 276 messages were there. By eliminating 8 connection closed messages, I could see 268 messages (134 requests x 2 users) with proper response (OK Green icon).

If this connection closed is retried & got the proper response from serer, then why is this reported as an error in final report?


Question #2

In the same report, under "Pass/Fail -> Pages and Page Resources -> By Scenario" section, the results appears like,


Page Result Type                  Pages         Percent

OK Pages                                  24                31.58

Pages with Errors                    52                68.42


Resource Loading Result Type                                   Requests               Percent

Resources Loaded without Errors or Warnings           268                          76.57

Resources Loaded with Errors                                          82                           23.43


I am unable to interpret this information. Is this valid information or known issue?



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  • You can turn off green message filter and examine only problem messages. In your case it is possible that server just closed the connection. All the requests that was passed before that imagining moment are correct. You will not find any incorrect request. But an error may present if some of the requests was not passed to the server. This should be noted in the log. Log should have red cross mark in the described case. I can tall more if I’ll be able to examine the project by myself. 

    Your second question may be exactly the same issue as I’ve described.

    Please publish your project if this is not covers your situation and I’ll help you to understand the results.