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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Virtual users get stuck on load testing


Hi, first of all I'm quite new with WebloadUI so I may be doing something wrong. I'll explain the scenario:

I record the test using the methodology explained in the SmartBear documentation, I verify the scenario to check every requests has its respective correct reply. Everything works just fine.

The problem comes when I try to add virtual users to the mix. I set the test for 10 concurrent virtual users (a very efortless scenario), and then push start. The graphics show how the amount of virtual users ramps up to 10 (as expected) and then, that number lows to 7 or 6, then to 4 or 3, and stays there for the next 15 minutes or so. When the test finishes the result shows a lot of timeout responses, request fails and connection "partially simulated".

Of course my first assumption was "the server is overloaded, for that reason the threads got hung and so the timeouts appear". But that seems very unlikely since the test was recorded against a Wikipedia article and, as I said, I used 10 virtual users. I really don't believe Wikipedia cannot handle 10 virtual users against one page.

What could be happening? Thanks in advance.

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  • You server may have a protection against DDOS attacks. So you may consider turning off this protection or cheat on it by using a random think time. Please let us know if this will solve your problems.