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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Virtual user same as concurrent user

I would like to ask if the virtual user same as concurrent user? e.g. If I change this virtual user value from 1 to 100, does that mean LoadUIWeb is testing 100 users simultaneously or 1,2,3,....100th user from n=1 seconds, 2 seconds....etc ?

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  • the value of the 'virtual user' column in the test definition for a particular user group defines the total number of concurrent users the engine will throw at the server at a given time.

    however, to make sure that the test sustains this number of concurrent users throughout the duration of a test, you'll need to set an interval of time and enable the 'continuous load' option on the next tab over.

    also, virtual users is not the same as concurrent requests/responses, since a given instance of a virtual user may spawn multiple concurrent connections to the server, based on the recorded traffic pattern in your scenario.