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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Unable to test PHP+ajax website

Hey guys,

I have recently started using LoadUIWEB,and its a great tool :) Im trying to compare the performance characteristics of 2 copies of an application, one created with node.js, and the other with php..the front end for both remain the same, with slight changes ofcourse. Im able to test the Node.js app, and LoadUIWeb gives me the perfect output for the same. However, when i record and run a test on the PHP app, it literally doesnt make the requests in the scenario at all...infact i found it to be making only 8 requests in total for 100 users.. am i doing something wrong? To be clear, the scenario page shows 52 requests getting recorded, however, during the test, none of them are getting replayed...why is this?

Results are as follows:

Node page loading time(avg):4.62s

PHP page loading time(avg):10ms..(and the graph is always a straight line..never goes up from 0)

Thanking You,

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