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12 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Unable to decrypt SSL data from the server

I installed the latest version of WebLoadUI Pro 2.80.3136.24.  Using IE9 to simulate a few user actions.  This website is available on the internet.  The script goes to our Login page, logs in, clicks on couple links on Dashboard page, and logs out.

I encountered the following error message when running the test with single virtual user. 

Virtual user "Virtual user group (1)": Unable to decrypt SSL data from the server. Error 0x80090326  

I've attached the Project file in the Thread.  Please let me know how I can resolve this.

Thank you

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  • I have launched your project couple times and don’t receive any errors. So the problem may be actually on the server or your internet connection. Is the problem still exists for you?

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    Hi Dmitry,

    For the love of the game, I also executed Alan's project several times The reported problem was repeated once and another problem was also reported. Logs are attached. Will really appreciate your comments.
  • Hello Alexei,

    It looks like site response is not stable. I can reproduce both correct and error results one by one. 

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    Hi Dmitry,

    > It looks like site response is not stable.

    I would say it is quite different - while you was getting mostly 'Unable to decrypt SSL data from the server' errors and warnings that the received response code differs from the expected one, I was getting the 'Socket operation on nonsocket' error for every test run.

    Could you comment what does this error mean? Is it something similar to 'connection was closed' or is another story?

    Also, all logs end with the error messages that 'connection (x) of the scenario assigned to virtual user (y) was simulated partially. Only (qq) of (zz) requests were completed'. Could you remind me please how to find out what exact connections and requests failed if a given user is assigned several scenarios including complex ones? Should I count requests for the given connection manually or there is another method? If the log says that 'only 3 of 5 requests were completed' does this mean that failed requests are #4 and 5 or it may be that failed requests were, say, #2 and #4?
  • My comment basically means that server is not really stable. Sometime it responds correctly and sometime the response is not valid. In last case I don’t have much detail about the error itself. I can check that some encrypted data was actually received from the server. In my attempts I’ve checked that some data was actually received and sometimes system cannot decrypt it. So in this case it is not the connection close story.

    About the connection close story itself: It’s not a simple case. I want to explain the connection close thing for everybody who was not a part of this discussion. Sometimes server can decide to close the connection for some reason. The reason itself is a most interesting part of this problem. For last request in the connection it’s ok and sometime it’s really expected behavior (case 1). For some middle request it’s an error since the following requests in closed connection will not be simulated. Server under the big load pressure can close some of the connections to protect itself (case 2). Sometime server can receive unexpected authorization results such as incorrect credentials or unexpected response sequence. In most cases it will close the connection (case 3). ASP.NET server can receive broken event or session data. The server will responds with 500 and close the connection (case 4).

    The list of cases is not full. It cannot be full.

    As Alexei already noted, WebLoadUI will detect errors in case a server will close the connection and will not simulate some recorded requests. This is the indication of the error. The explanation may be found by connection close note that posted in the log if WebLoadUI can detect a disconnection. Sometime it is not possible and request simulation will be stopped due to timeout. I’ll post timeout error in the log in this case. For the last case 500 is the indicator.

    The list of possible indicators and resolution is not full as well. But I hope it can help.