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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Stress Test with cookies on my server

How can I do a stress test in my server using cookies? I have online campaigns but i can't receice all the "clicks". If the campaign had 1 million "clicks", i only have five hundred thoisand registeresd in my server? Any solution? Thank you!

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  • So to clarify, it sounds like you have a web application which tracks visitors via cookie.

    Usually, server-side technologies (like ASP.NET. java servlets, and php) track unique visitors via cookie, but this is a dynamic value per visitor. Are you also tracking a campaign code in a specific cookie too?

    When you record a clean (cache-cleared) scenario in LoadUIWeb, any cookies used during the recording are captured in the scenario requests and responses. If you need to data-drive your use of cookies in your recorded scenario(s), you can use the 'cookie replacers' functionality and select a variable you've already set up to get its values from a data source (like a spreadsheet).

    So for instance, if you had a spreadsheet containing 1,000 rows with campaign codes, and you wanted LoadUIWeb to set or replace a named cookie with those values, you can do that using the functionality referenced above.