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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Saving Parameters to Database

Hi All,

I am new to LoadUIWeb but I have a lot of experience with SoapUI. I was curious if there is any way to possibly store parameters from the load test into a database for use later on? 

In example, I am using LoadUIWeb to test an application that creates orders. In the next couple days I will need to test an application that uses those orders, so if I could store them now it would save me the time of needing to parse that data later on.


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  • LoadUIWeb currently does not support exporting custom data selector values.

    However, you could work with your database administrator to create a query that pulls all the order IDs you create using a load test.

    As a side note, including any steps in a load test that do not directly relate to generating the load (i.e. parsing results at the same time the test is being run) is generally considered a bad idea because it represents overhead that potentially skews your results due to load test engine background processing.