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[LoadUIWeb] Question on how SB does load tests

I've got a question on WebLoadUI -  

- A User keys in and searches for data based on parameters using a Web application front end in server 'A'

- Then web application sends that data to another application running on server 'B' which compiles the information

- compiled data is then housed in server 'B' and the web application running server 'A' is sent an acknowledgment screen

- User then either excepts or rejects the acknowledgment screen, if rejected restart from beginning; if accepted server 'A' tells server 'B' to generate the data based on all parameters stored in server 'B'. 

- Once server 'B' completes the process an acknowledgment page is sent back to server 'A' and user can then push the data to server 'C'

in this example. Will it only measure and apply user load to Server A, or A and B?

in this scenario - Server A and Server B are not on the same network.

Part II 

How would LoadUI and or WebLoadUI Pro differ in this example? 


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    Hi John,

    Both server A and server B would be getting load under this scenario.

    WebLoadUI Pro and LoadUI are functionally different:

    • WebloadUI tests web applications

    • LoadUI tests API's and Web Services