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12 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Parameterizing Input Data

Hi SmartBear,

We have RIA application created from uniPaaS.

I was able to create scenarios successfully. I tried to edit the scenarios to parameterize the input data, but i dont see anything in the Parameters nor in the Data Selector Tab to check my original input data.

The content-type says that the application is classified as text/html.

Please advice I may have a diiferent understanding.



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  • Can you provide a link to a public site with such an application?

    In general, content-type text/html should not be parsed and displayed in parameters. The body of this kind of request should be in plain HTML and should be parametrized automatically. You can use regular expressions if you need to extract some specific portion of the text. The extracted text can be stored in a WebLoadUI variable and used in some form or request parameters. But this applies to real HTML content that may not be HTML in your case.