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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] LoadUIWeb creates the data while record and play back the scenario ?


I performed below steps via LoadUIWeb

1: created a scenario.

2: Recorded.

3: Logged in a website via firefox.

4: Created some date.

5: Loged out.

Now the test data generated in LoadUIWeb and it captured all requests during the above scenario.

Now I iterated the value given for creating the data and played the recorded scenario.

My question:

1: Why the sample date was not created while playing the scenario. I was expecting some sample data as per configured iteration ???

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  • The process in LoadUIWeb is to:

    1. Record your scenario

    2. Go back and introduce dynamic data to certain points of the recording

    3. Verify that the dynamic data works and has an impact on server responses

    In your case, you've gotten through the first step.

    To move through to the next step, you can either use the Parameterization Wizard (if you're using LoadUIWeb Pro) or create variables one at a time (the free version).

    Once you introduce dynamic data (like for instance usernames and passwords), verify the scenario and then run a small stepwise load test to ensure that the data works for your situation.
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    Hello Paul Bruce,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I actually parametrised the values too, but still i didn't found the the new content as per the modified scenario.


    1: Record 

    2: I logged in to my Blog and created a blog. (here i parametrised the Title of my blog)

    3: Stop'd recording.

    Now i ran the recorded scenario with the parametrised value.

    After the load test ran successfully, i didn't found the new blog in my website.

    I just want to confirm that, LoadUIWeb will create the parametrised content as per scenario or not, during the load test???

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    Hi Kovin,

    You should set 'Store request headers' and 'Store request bodies' options under Tools|Options|Engines|HTTP Load Testing|Simulation. This will make LoadUIWeb to store request headers and bodies to the log. After the test run is over you should examine the log and check that correct parameterized data were send to the server and that the server replied with correct response.
    If the server was requested with correct data and replied as expected but the blog was not created, then either the problem is in the code executed on the server while processing the request from the client, or you missed something when sending requests from the client (for example not all required data were parameterized or test did not execute some required request).