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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] LoadUIWeb 2.95 (with Results Data Export) is now available!

Today marks my first release since taking over as Product Owner for LoadUIWeb -- and I'm excited to announce that LoadUIWeb Pro 2.95 includes the ability to export results data in both .csv and XML formats! 

During my 15+ years as a performance tester, few things have frustrated me more than not being able to get the results data from my test out of the load generator and into whatever spreadsheet or analytics program I needed to use to create "the boss's favorite report" or to enable the Ops folks to do their sizing calculations -- and that is why I immediately prioritized data export when I got involved with the LoadUIWeb team.

In this release, you'll also find that:

     - You can now create, modify and run tests on Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2. The support is available both for LoadUIWeb and for its Remote Agent.

     - The test playback procedure has been significantly improved by enabling more requests per second and more realistic user simulations from the server's perspective.

     - The test log format has been changed so that test results now opened much faster. 

     - There are no more Messages and Summary tabs in the test log panel. The results of each test run are now organized into the Report and Messages nodes in the Project Explorer. 

     - We've fixed some bugs (of course)

Learn more at

Scott Barber
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