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12 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Load results are completely wrong.Is there something i am doing wrong.?

I followed WebloadUi tutorial. And created a scenario.

Scenario has no data entries, its very very simple. Just Load the web page and click on the desired Tab and click on another subtab thats it.  When i performed this it took me 19 secs in my stop watch. But, when i am verifying the Scenario it takes10 minutes to give the results. The load time shows 3 minutes and above. This is insane result. Its not one time result, we tried this at our work in 3 different machines 3 different testers. Just for the sake of test we tried with yahoo websites google and all of them page load is more than 2 minutes.

And all of them with warning like.. one warning example

Request #129 of the virtual user "Virtual user (1)" has been sent with warnings. The received response code (302) differs from the expected response code (204).

ny help will be appriciated.

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  • There is no universal answer for questions like this. It’s all about site and/or test configuration. You can submit your project to some public file sharing service and I may look at it. 

  • I have a similar experience. Recording and playback against our site seems to inject seconds worth of delay between every request. It does not appear to matter if I eliminate the think time between requests.

    Recording against "" works fine.

    Looking for suggestions. Files attached.