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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] index value out of range observed in webload UI


I am trying to pass values using list with set value from set option. I have uploade file data using from set option. On completion of load test I am displayed with warning

"the virtual user "Virtual user group (1)" in the scenario "loginapp": The variable index is out of range. Avaliable items: 1. Requested index: 1. The following value is used: 0."

How to resolve this?



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  • You need to have as much records in the list as a number of virtual users in your list. 
  • hi,

    The list has number of records equal to the number of virtual users.

    The one thing which I observed was, when I upload data from file, the data appears multiple times in sample area.

    Is this problem because of this?

    If so what is the solution on it to unique data?


  • can you please tell me how to access value access type for free version. I am unable to fing it.

  • Data access type value is already set to data index equaks virtual user index.
  • For equal number of virtual users and rows in List Variable you should not see this message. Can you send your project to me? Will it work for some public site?
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    Hi Dmitry Aleshin

    I am getting warning message like “The variable index is out of range. Available items: 143. Requested index: 146” for few records. Pls. let me know how to overcome this.

    I have recorded one scenario for registering record (Same is Parameterized using database variable). So total records I have 200 pending in a list to register. So I have taken 200 Vuser at test and executed test. Then Report is generated with Warnings with above message, even my Available Items and Vusers are same.

    Pls. check Scenario Parameterized Screen Shots in attached Document

  • I may be wrong but situation sounds really familiar. As far as I remember I was not able to reproduce the problem. Can you create a really simple project that will simulate traffic for our sample site that came with WebLoadUI and post it here?