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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] HTTP traffic has not recorded

Hi, i am getting a message like, no HTTP traffic has recorded.

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    Hello Pradi,

    1.  What browser are you using to record the scenario?

    2.  Is the site SSL?
  • Hi,

    I'm getting the same message.

    I just installed the LoadUIWeb Pro trial version to evaluate agaisnt my Silverlight app.

    I created a new project and after I record a new scenario I get a message saying No HTTP traffic has been recorded"

    What I'm doing wrong? Am I missing something in my installation?

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    Based upon the help documentation for LoadUIWeb Pro 2.95, IE 11 is not supprted at this moment.  Being that it's a relatively new browser, it takes a bit to integrate support.  I expect that, before long, the SmartBear crew will add IE11 support.
  • The bad: IE11 introduced an additional security layer called "AppContainer" which has messed up a lot of traffic capture utilities, libraries, and browser add-ons.

    The good: we have IE11 support on the roadmap for the next immediate release slated for mid-April !!! I will update all forum posts related to IE11 once the new version is available.


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