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12 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Does WebLoadUI have the capability to monitor the remote servers

I am trying to analysis WebLoadUI to see if our team could use this for loading our web application. The one piece that we need is the capability to monitor our servers under test so we can tune the performance of your system. Does the free version of WebLoadUI provide this capability?

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    Thanks for the question. Server monitoring is a feature of our paid load testing tools. Currently SmartBear sells LoadComplete, which is soon to be rebranded as WebLoadUI Pro. Either of the paid versions (as well as loadUI Pro for API load testing) offer extensive server monitoring and charting (both real time and off-line) for server metrics.

    You can visit for a trial of LoadComplete (which has the same interface just a different name, at present, as WebLoadUI), and for a trial of loadUI Pro.

    Wish you success in your load testing!