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12 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Configuring real time charts for maximum insight

WebLoadUI provides two types of charts for performance metrics - those included in reports, which are produced after the load test completes, and configurable real time charts that update date as the test runs.

The real time charts are particularly interesting for two reasons - first, they obviously show the data in real time, so if you find that your test is not going the way you expect (i.e. requests are not generated, or your server responds with errors), you can stop the execution and correct either the test or your set up. Second, those charts allow you to correlate metrics on demand, to gain insight into possible causes and effects.

The real time charts are displayed once a test starts running, and the data are valid until the next test is launched. Real time charts pre-configured to show three basic correlations against the trend of virtual users over time:

- Basic quality graph, including errors, warnings, and completed requests, and QoS threshold violations

- Response time graph, including maximum page time

- Throughput graph, including request and response througput

Then there is a Custom graph, that you can configure to your liking.

To change metrics that are shows in one of the graphs, click on the List icon (with the Show/Hide Series List tooltip) on the right of the toolbar of the graph, and make your selection.

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