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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Cannot successfully verify scenario for web form fillup


I am using LoadUIWeb for creating sceanrio for load testing. My application consist of mainly two types of view - list view and form view.

While LoadUIWeb can successfully simulate load test for list views (say list of users), it cannot do so for form views (such as create a user). It is giving a warning message such as "The received response code (500) differs from the expected response code (302)"

Also several request are facing time out errors despite the fact that I have given sufficient page load time that exceeds well beyond the maximum page load time.

Please HELP!

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  • Both issues sound like there's a critical identifier/token that is not correlated between requests.

    I would suggest checking A) the LoadUIWeb messages log response body and B) the web server logs for more detail on what exact error is returned from the server. If there's a server log message that says something like "invalid session" or "database record exists", that's proof that some session token isn't being selected out as a variable and referenced in the form view.

    What server technologies are involved (i.e. Java servlets, ASP.NET, php, etc.) and what service technologies (i.e. MS-IIS, Apache, JBoss, etc.) are we talking about here? Also, is this with SSL or just non-secure HTTP?

    The timeouts might be due to the same issue, just that the server doesn't bother responding to multiple invalid session requests or something to that end.