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12 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] asp .Net session state parameter

Application has tabular display of search results. First column has link, clicking this link displays a new page with greater details focussed on that entity.

Scenario recorded to simulate the request sent upon clicking the link does not show the content on the cell, instead shows the cell #. Development team member explained that the value in the cell is stored as asp .Net session state parameter.

Test requirements are to simulate the request using different values. How do we access asp .Net session state parameters in WebLoadUI?

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    Is there any way that WebLoadUI can query the value of a .NET Session variable, similar to how the C# code-behind can do so?

    E.g. if a PoolID is stored in Session, it is available in .NET as Session["PoolNumber"].
  • This is not possible. As well as in browser’s script. But the browser can pass some data to the server to retrieve the necessary parameter. WebLoadUI can do the same thing. So if you’ll find the piece of data that server waiting from the browser it should work for you.