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9 years ago

LoadComplete: Why are simulated header values blank

The problem:

Replacing a value in the request header results in other header values to be blank.


The Scenario:

I have create a very simple scenario in which I log into a web application. This consists of displaying and processing a login page, and then sending the user to a dashboard page. The login and data retrieval for the dashboard is performed via several WCF API calls.


Actions Taken: 

This login requires a username and password and returns a token in the response header.

Immediately after creating the scenario, I am able to verify successfully.

I am able to save the token to a variable (Variable1) on the Data Selectors tab for the reponse.

The problem presents itself when I use the variable (Variable1) to set the Auth-Token header value.



As seen in attachment (LC-Assignment.png), the Auth-Token header field is being replaced by the value contained in @Variable1.

As seen in attachment (LC-Test.png), the Auth-Token header field has successfully been populated, however there are several key header fields that are now blank in the Simulated column.



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  • Hi, Donald.

    This looks like it may be a bug? Definitely not expected behavior. I suggest you do the following:


    1. Enable logging of request bodies (this can be selected by going to (Tools > Options > Simulating > General , and then checking the box for “Store full headers and bodies”).
    2. Verify the scenario again.
    3. Zip up the whole project and attach to a support ticket:

    You should get a quick response with a workable resolution. Sorry I can't provide more immediate assistance. Please do let us know how it goes!