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9 years ago

LoadComplete 3.2 is not creating a report data file anymore when you execute a test via command line

Agfter upgrading to LoadComplete 3.2 I am missing two files in the log file folder when running a test via command line.


One is the Report DATA file and one file with file type file. When executing same test via the GUI 8 instead of 6 output files are created.


This is a huge issue for us as we reed the repot data with a C# tool to create our own reports.


Please advice, GJ

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  • Hi, Georg.


    Have you opened the projects in the LC 3.2 GUI before executing the tests via command line? Wondering if there is some conversion that needs to happen first.


    Also, what is the command line string you are using? If you run the test with either the /exportlog or /ForceConversion arguments, does it make a difference?


    If neither of these suggestions helps, I recommend that you open a support ticket: