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12 years ago

LoadComplete 2.7 update

Greetings All!

We recently released LoadComplete 2.7, which includes some important new functionality as well as bug fixes.

The most important improvement in the release is the ability to more accurately simulate your users’ experience through the use of Parallel Requests.  LoadComplete version 2.70 introduces a brand new capability to simulate browser traffic in parallel during load test, which leads to a dramatic increase in accuracy. The servers receive more realistic load because the requests are issued similar to how a browser would, and page load times are closer to the actual user experience. Best of all, LoadComplete automatically captures all data necessary to reproduce parallel browser traffic during scenario recording, so the user just hits the Play button, without doing any manual editing.

The items below are just a few of the additional new features/enhancements in this release:

  • New Pagination Modes

  • The Ability to Parameterize Windows Authentication Credentials

  • Region-Specific Data in Reports for Cloud Simulation.

  • ZIP Compression of Reports

  • 10-100X Speed Increase in our Correlation Engine.

  • Processing Large External Data Sources, Databases and Excel Files, has been Significantly Optimized for Performance as well. This is Especially Noticeable on Large Data Sets (10,000 rows and more).

  • Support for Windows 8, Windows Server 2012

  • Support for Internet Explorer 10

For more details, please refer to the LoadComplete 2.7 Release Summary

Existing customers on maintenance can download the updated version from the SmartBear Client Services Portal accounts.

To sign up for a free trial, please visit the LoadComplete Product Page

Please leave us feedback on how you like the new changes in v2.7.

Here is to better performance!

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