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13 years ago

LoadComplete 2.1 Update released

Greetings all!

We have just released LoadComplete 2.1, which is a bugfix update.

Version 2.1 addresses the following issues:

  • Parameterization wizard now supports RIA formats (including AMF, JSON, XML and binary XML). With the updated wizard, you get a convenient single list of all request parameters for the recorded scenario all in one place. Previously, (v2) RIA request parameters were available only within the Scenario Editor view, under each request.

  • Microsoft just released Security Update for
    Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2585542) that may cause errors with HTTPS recording in IE using earlier versions of LoadComplete. Version 2.1 works correctly with and without this Windows Update.

  • Support for encoded URLs was added

  • Post-simulation data processing and report generation times were improved.

For more details, please refer to the LoadComplete 2.1 Release Summary

Existing customers on maintenance can download the update version from the SmartBear Client Services Portal accounts.

To sign up for a free trial, please visit the LoadComplete product page

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    Occasional Contributor
    Sergei, is there any plan to add extensibility in terms of a programming interface?
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    thanks for asking.

    Are you thinking along the lines of an API similar to what TestComplete has, or script extensions, in a way also similar to TestComplete, but obviously for a different purpose?

    I'd like to learn more about what's driving your request.

    And yes, both items are in consideration for the next major release, but the scope will be determined by what we gather about intended use by our current and potential user base.


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    Sergei -

    Thanks for replying. In LoadComplete, I need the scripting/programmability that TestComplete provided, especially the ability to extend my load tests to do the things I need.

    For e.g., for the application I'm testing, the business wants me to do the following:

    1. Run a Search

    2. Based on the Results of the Search, execute one of 4 actions. It could be different on each iteration.

    The reason they want this is because that's how the application is used in production. The tool must be able to emulate this behavior closely. With only Record-and-Play in the current version of LoadComplete, no such thing is possible (or so I was informed by Product Support).

    I was very happy with the old version of TestComplete which provided me the ability to modify the OnRequest & OnResponse handlers. Not to mention the extensibility of being able to log messages etc. I can't find a means to even log a message to the output in the new LoadComplete. This is very counterproductive.

    I can understand SmartBear taking features *out* of TestComplete so as not to cannibalize the revenue from LoadComplete. But how come that feature wasn't also put *into* LoadComplete at the same time?

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    Hi Suresh

    I can see at least two somewhat involved topics in this discussion, so I suggest we try to connect via phone to clarify.

    The one I'm most interested in is your highly control-dependent execution flow for performance testing, which is not something that I see too often. I will also comment on support for scripting, etc.

    You probably have my email from the past, but just in case it is sergei dot sokolov at smartbear dot com.